Dr.Roberta Cameron Aboriginal Awards Champlain College- Lennoxville Campus

The Lampe Foundation offers three (3) $400. 00 awards for full-time male or female Aboriginal students attending Champlain College – Lennoxville Campus who have already completed at least 1 year of full-time studies at Champlain-Lennoxville.

Application deadline: December 1.

• Full time student in at least his/her 2nd year of studies at Champlain-Lennoxville.
• Male or female.
• Demonstrated financial need.
• Demonstrates leadership and perseverance.
• Preference given to students who plan to return to their home community uponcompletion of studies.

To Apply: Write a Letter of Introduction, typed, double-spaced 11 or 12 point font saved as a PDF file. The letter should include answers to the six following questions:

Student’s name – Aboriginal Award Letter of lntroduction

1. Tell us about yourself, your family, community and why you have decided to pursue a post-secondary education in your field of study?

2. What skills and knowledge have you acquired that have helped you to remain committed to your studies?

3. What are some of your past challenges and successes that you will be building from in the future?

4. What are your hopes and dreams and plans after you complete school?

5. How have you become involved in the local community while here at school (extracurricular activities or as a volunteer)? How do you involve yourself in the life of your community at home?

6. How would receiving a bursary impact you and your community?

Send your letter of application to: Brenda Smith -Student Life Counsellor – Indigenous and Intercultural at [email protected] no later than Dec. 1.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee at Champlain College – Lennoxville who will make a final recommendation to the Lampe Foundation Selection Committee.

Awards will be presented in February of each year.


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