45 years of success in supporting women in education: and more to come!

The year is 1968.  

 Internationally, Gloria Steinem is leading the second wave of feminism.  Locally, fifteen charter members are having lively discussions on women’s legal rights, pollution of our lakes, and the English and French cultures.  They are determined not to be another social club.  This is the year a group of community minded women decided to start a chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women here in Sherbrooke, their goal being advocacy for the advancement of the status of women, particularly in the field of higher education. It became a weekly tradition for members to drop their change and dollar bills into a collection basket, to be used to assist young women pursuing an education.

football Over the last 45 years, these efforts have formalized into the Lampe foundation, but our guiding values stay the same.  Take for example the story of Melissa Fequet. After volunteering with athletic therapist Dawn Patterson, she was inspired to pursue a career in athletic therapy.  In 2010, she moved to Montreal and started at Concordia University.  The Lampe Foundation was able to support Melissa over three years with awards totaling $3,000.  This support allowed her to not only offset the costs of moving to the city, but also focus on her studies.  During that time, she’s taken both field and clinical internships and did extensive work with the men’s varsity football team.  She has now graduated (debt free!), and has since passed the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association national certification exam. She has returned to the townships and is now working with primarily hockey, rugby, and basketball teams at Champlain College and Bishop’s College School.

 Without a doubt, Lampe would not be able to offer the encouragement, financial support and mentorship to the leaders of tomorrow without the continued philanthropic support of our donors.  To them we say: Thank you for playing a role in our success through your donations.  We are truly fortunate to have your support.

 Each of the award recipients over the last 46 years have been touched by the generosity of donations.  I hope you will accept this invitation to invest in the future of education in the Eastern Townships. Every gift truly matters, just ask any award winner.

With much appreciation,

 Heather Bowman & Carol Mooney
Co-Presidents, Lampe Foundation

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