The Lampe Foundation proudly awards 4 scholarships to Champlain Nursing Students


The Lampe Foundation proudly awards 4 scholarships to Champlain Nursing Students

Sherbrooke, December 14, 2014 – Smiles were wide and festive spirit was flowing last week as the Lampe Foundation, Sherbrooke & District, proudly presented scholarships to four local students at a small ceremony as a part of the annual CFUW, Sherbrooke & District Christmas party. 

It just so happens that all four winners are currently students in Champlain College’s new nursing program.   All bilingual, some received renewals of the Donna Draper Scholarship, while others received an award for the first time.  Donors present were happy to share an evening with the winners, who are really the future faces of health care in the Eastern Townships.

Back again to visit the Lampe Foundation after first winning the Donna Draper scholarship last year, Vicky Paré was received a renewal for her scholarship, and talked to the crowd about how much she is enjoying the 12-week stages that come with the program.  “My favorite was geriatrics”.

Speaking to the crowd, second year student Jisca Marcellin chirped “I hope to be your nurse some day!”

Saratou Sani Assouman, a mother of two who immigrated from Benin just last year is busy studying hard while acclimatizing to Canadian winter.  “The program is demanding but I know I will complete it and become a good nurse.  I will really work hard to give back to my community.”

Holding his own among all the ladies, Yves Cloutier, a former lawyer making a career change, says of working with patients as a caregiver at Grace Christian Home, “I tell them I will be able to help them even more as a nurse.  But I will never stop being a caregiver.  The best thing is to be able to make someone smile.”

Awards are given throughout the year, and the rest of the 2014-2105 award winners will be acknowledged at the annual awards ceremony in May.  Thank you to all of our donors, you make this possible.

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